The matching technique of plastic folding table
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The matching technique of plastic folding table
1. Consider the size of the space. According to the size scale of the space, to choose different sizes of folding table.
2. Consider the position of the folding table. Folding table is light and flexible, have the design that relies on a wall, also have spread out be a piece of common table to put in dining-room like the design in the middle. How to choose can depend on personal preference and small.
3. Considering the small selection range of folding table, it is generally the purpose of folding table that should be considered first, such as domestic, outdoor or conference and exhibition.
4. Style matching. Choose different fold table according to different style, generally speaking, fold table suits contracted style more.
5. Match colors. Want to live in an environment according to specific, will choose the color of folding table.

Maintenance of plastic folding table
First of all, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the folding table. Want to use the half dry dishcloth that contains detergent to clean tabletop grease above all, wipe with dry dishcloth again pick up clean, prolong service life. For the maintenance of plastic folding table we should also pay more attention to the maintenance of table legs, after mopping the ground must be in time to wipe the surface with dry cloth. Next in the maintenance process of folding table still should notice: at ordinary times after table leg is stained with oil, usable dry dishcloth is wiped clean, do not use rough with sharp material to scrub table leg surface.