Knowledge of plastic folding table
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Folding table and chair can fold, want to sit outside when recreational, move also convenient, fold up when need not, do not take up most space, avoid a room to appear crowded and disorderly, it is practical very tall furniture. Because the folding table is convenient to fold and easy to transport, he is often seen in temporary receptions such as banquets, conferences and exhibitions, and has become an indispensable furniture for hotels, exhibitions and other places.
In leisurely afternoon, think of courtyard bask in the sun, drink afternoon tea or if playing CARDS entertainment, buy outdoor folding table and chair is necessary, folding table and chair move conveniently, can move at any time outdoors recreational, fold up when need not, cover an area also not big, make full use of a space.

Knowledge of plastic folding table
1. when choosing this kind of table, want to pay attention to whether the surface is smooth and have no space.
2. to pay attention to whether the surface is uniform, soft, spring performance is good.
3. to see whether the bayonet is firm, sliding groove acerbity not acerbity.
4. to see the overall quality of the folding table, with both hands after the whole folding table around shake, shake, strong frame good.
5. Open and close the table once, and change every Angle to experience whether the comfort is good or not.