How to choose a folding table
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1. pay attention to whether the welding smooth and no gap. Pay attention to whether the coating is uniform, soft, spring performance is good. Want to see whether bayonet is firm, slippery groove is acerbity not acerbity. To see the overall quality of the frame, with two hands after the whole folding table around shake, shake, strong frame good.
2. Open and close the table once and change every Angle to experience whether the comfort is good or not. In addition, the folded part should be relaxed, but tight, but loose, just right. Think about the size of the space. According to the size scale of the space, to choose different sizes of folding table.
3. Choose different folding tables according to different styles. Generally speaking, folding tables are more suitable for simple styles.
4. according to the specific household environment, to choose the color of the folding table.